Not all situations deserve energy. Sometimes people are content in a state of negativity-they thrive in it and have no desire to see the light.



Who created and defined the word “proper” and how did they come to the conclusion that we should be saying’ “aren’t” instead of “ain’t” or “we’re coming” instead of “we comin’ “? As a matter fact as I am typing this “WordPress” is slowing me down trying to convince me that I must be trying to type the word “win” because “there is no way she’s sayin’ “ain’t”. And….to answer their question: “as a matter of fact I AM. I am sayin’ ain’t because sometimes “aren’t” just doesn’t do it for me-it doesn’t have the same effect that “ain’t” does. So……yes, I got a little twang in my voice, and my grammar can be a bit colorful, but it’s a part of me and I’m dope.

We’ll often find ourselves adjusting our pitch-paying too close attention to the way we say our words. Or..feeling “extra validated” when we sound articulate and smart. When you start thinking about all of the other “bullshit” we have to think about on the daily in every aspect of our lives, then I think you would agree that this is one that falls into the category of “when I get time, I MIGHT work on it but I got more important shit to do.”  

Embrace all of you-your accomplishments are valid-your dreams are valid-your WORK is valid.  The idea of “proper english” is just that. An idea. Society is a concept that we have unconsciously granted control in our lives. Society is made up of people, and it changes from generation to generation. People were awarded the privilege of creating, and developing a set standards that we still reference hundreds, perhaps thousands of years later. 

One of the most unfortunate things you can do is not be you in the presence of someone else who is not being them. The interaction has no meaning, neither of you truly got to “know” one another.  Be authentic.BE AUTHENTIC at all times. 


We all have a little space in the world that we fit into perfectly. Finding that space is perhaps life’s greatest challenge. Not because it’s hidden, but because not all of us are brave enough to go to the places we need to go in order to get there. Vulnerability is not comfortable-it’s something that requires more than confidence. It requires you to tune into yourself to the point where nothing else matters. Holding on to secrets out of shame, guilt and fear of being judged forces you into a mental prison. A prison that keeps your true potential out of reach-keeps you stuck, and without movement, progress is not possible.

Progress is life-it’s the path leading to your destiny wherein lies your purpose. We spend a lot of time moving from “thing” to “thing” with little progress. All of these “things” are just distracting us from what our souls were put into the universe to do. It’s important to remember that progress is not linked to monetary gain, just as success isn’t. There is an abundance of “empty” successful people who are in the same struggle. It’s just that we are all caught up in trying to survive in this crazy world we live in. The sad truth is that we don’t always realize when we become stuck. So many of us are not conscious-more connected with the world around us than we are with ourselves.

Life is not always great-sometimes it terrible, but no matter how we choose to let it play out in our minds our experiences are what they are. They make up our story-a story that is unique to us. Sometimes it can seem like you’ve just been dealt a bad hand, but it’s all in the fiber of your purpose. I believe in a higher power-that our destinies are predetermined-not that we all will get there, but that our place in the universe is reserved. Time keeps moving, even we are standing still. Own your life-the things you’ve been through-stop letting the bad in another person’s journey keep you from getting to your rightful place. Live life with purpose and remember………..purpose has little to do with what you have. It’s not material-it’s of the soul-your soul.