When your actions are controlled by what someone else “might” think, you won’t get far. You are as limited as that person’s thoughts. Evolving is growth, which inevitably creates a little discomfort. Feel your way through it and create positive thoughts of your own to follow-it’s the only direction you need.



Create your lane outside of the box, there is more room to maneuver. Most people are comfortable inside and you don’t have to worry too much about them veering over, because you now fall into the category of “weird”. 


Create your own opportunities, it’s a sure way to end up in the role that fits you best. The first step in this journey is “stillness”. Sit with yourself-hear your soul-disregard any notions that aren’t your own-and don’t question what is revealed to you. Sometimes the depth of our own potential can be a little intimidating. We’re afraid of failure-we don’t trust our own abilities. Believe in the vision you have for your life. May it fuel your ambition.


It’s perfectly fine to experience life the way that fits you best. In fact, I highly encourage it. It must suck to get to the end of your life and have all of your reflections add up to a bunch of “bullshit” that somebody else thought you should’ve given a fuck about. Life is to be lived-mistakes are inevitable. Trust your instincts-be you-do you. Even if you get it wrong, it feels a hell of a lot better when the consequences are rightfully yours. 


Sometimes who you were in your past is not who you are. Most of us change-we evolve. Be mindful of the process of life-the journey. Appreciate the process. It is the reason you have a story to share. Stop letting people beat you up with your past. Move on from people who can’t grow with you. Broken people are most comfortable with the “broken” version of you.