The majority of us have the innate ability to reflect, and sometimes our pasts haunt us. This is especially true when we don’t readily accept its lessons. God takes us through different storms-disquising them as “good times” and purposefully doesn’t reveal that they are “tests” in hopes that we become better people. When we fight our way through the storm, the next step is reflection-regret has no rightful place in your journey. Learn courtesy of your mistakes and hold yourself accountable. Remember, even your past has a purpose. 



Explanations aren’t a requirement when doing what’s best for you. There will be uncomfortable moments in your journey, but when we live the life that was intended for us, we end up just where we are supposed to be. Compromise is a great tool, but be careful not to let it interfere with your quest to get where you were meant to go.


Create your lane outside of the box, there is more room to maneuver. Most people are comfortable inside and you don’t have to worry too much about them veering over, because you now fall into the category of “weird”. 


Set your own standards-be the judge of your own actions. When you live according to standards that aren’t your own, you walk the fine line between “real” and “fake”. Authenticity is key. Know that it is always okay to be you. If you don’t like who you are-you, and only you, have the power to fix it. Do so at your own pace and when you are ready. Strength is immeasurable when it comes from within.


The greatest challenge in embarking on a journey into creativity is the fear of being critiqued. Which is funny because “creativity” is validated through the process of critiquing. Fear is not a friend-it’s a hinderance-it keeps you from reaching the stars-from getting to the place the universe expects you to go. What good is creativity if it is hidden? Creativity is Inspiration.