It’s not so much about regret-wisdom is most important, although I have to say that remorse is an essential part of the equation.




Stop living for other people, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. The only expectations worthy of your consideration are your own. 


Life is not always “a good time” but what I’ve learned to do is let all of the good in my life consume me. I immerse myself in it to the point where nothing can still my joy-at least for long. This kind of joy does not evolve from material things-those things only bring superficial happiness and artificial joy. I’m talking about the kind of joy that comes out of knowing-accepting-and respecting who you are. When you love yourself, people feed off of that energy. Sometimes they react negatively and sometimes positively, but the beautiful thing is that, no matter how they react, it has no real effect on you. Unfortunately, there are people who can’t handle being around “happiness”-who can’t handle the transition of you coming into who you are-it somehow makes them feel “a way” -they are “affected” by it. These people have no place in your circle-no place in your life. They exude negative energy-an energy that is fostered by their own personal shortcomings and insecurities. Some of these “issues” might not even be their fault-maybe their upbringing or a tragedy brought it on them. But, one thing is for certain…..it is definitely not your “issue”. In this world we live in, we have to be our own source of joy. Work hard to create a life that you are happy with-become the person you want to be- and remember not to consider any “standards” except your own. People can only “judge” a person to whom their opinion matters.



I believe we all have pre-determined destinies, but so many of us make decisions that lead us off course. Life isn’t meant to be easy-God has to see us trying to reach the potential he’s reserved for us. Be diligent-be persistent-see things through.


In my pursuit of a more profound sense of “SELF” there were two elements of my purpose and passion that were revealed early-STYLE is one. The other is my duty to offer a spirit that is nonjudgmental- and respectful of people’s rights to do what they want to do. That respect is not to be confused with agreement.