I like to think of life as a series of episodes, filled with situations that provide us with insight and opportunities to obtain wisdom. Not every scene will be ideal-we may not always be shown in our best light-we almost certainly won’t love or even like all of our cast mates, but the peace comes in learning how not to become consumed with it.

People enter our lives-personally, professionally, socially and sometimes their interactions are only intended to last for a season. Their purpose in our lives is to be a lesson-a source of wisdom-a tool to sharpen our discernment. Tune into your experiences-they might reveal something critical about your journey-there might be directions on what step to take next-a clue for that important decision you don’t see coming.

Perhaps more importantly, disregard people’s judgement of you. Be a person of good intent-good character-follow your instincts and keep anything and anyone not in alignment with your vision out of your mind and space.


Self love and acceptance are critical in the pursuit of  “authentic”  happiness. Not one single detail of who you are is a mistake-it’s just that your journey is one that only you have the power to endure.


There will be times when everything around you is sending signals that make it harder and harder to hold on to your dreams. You give power to circumstance, and find yourself farther and farther away from your vision. Before you know it, your goals have slipped down to the tips of your fingers. The beauty in this struggle is that, they are still very much in reach. Be steadfast-immovable-always abide by the vision you have for your life.


Who created and defined the word “proper” and how did they come to the conclusion that we should be saying’ “aren’t” instead of “ain’t” or “we’re coming” instead of “we comin’ “? As a matter fact as I am typing this “WordPress” is slowing me down trying to convince me that I must be trying to type the word “win” because “there is no way she’s sayin’ “ain’t”. And….to answer their question: “as a matter of fact I AM. I am sayin’ ain’t because sometimes “aren’t” just doesn’t do it for me-it doesn’t have the same effect that “ain’t” does. So……yes, I got a little twang in my voice, and my grammar can be a bit colorful, but it’s a part of me and I’m dope.

We’ll often find ourselves adjusting our pitch-paying too close attention to the way we say our words. Or..feeling “extra validated” when we sound articulate and smart. When you start thinking about all of the other “bullshit” we have to think about on the daily in every aspect of our lives, then I think you would agree that this is one that falls into the category of “when I get time, I MIGHT work on it but I got more important shit to do.”  

Embrace all of you-your accomplishments are valid-your dreams are valid-your WORK is valid.  The idea of “proper english” is just that. An idea. Society is a concept that we have unconsciously granted control in our lives. Society is made up of people, and it changes from generation to generation. People were awarded the privilege of creating, and developing a set standards that we still reference hundreds, perhaps thousands of years later. 

One of the most unfortunate things you can do is not be you in the presence of someone else who is not being them. The interaction has no meaning, neither of you truly got to “know” one another.  Be authentic.BE AUTHENTIC at all times. 


Set your own standards-be the judge of your own actions. When you live according to standards that aren’t your own, you walk the fine line between “real” and “fake”. Authenticity is key. Know that it is always okay to be you. If you don’t like who you are-you, and only you, have the power to fix it. Do so at your own pace and when you are ready. Strength is immeasurable when it comes from within.