It’s funny when people don’t really know who they’re dealing with.



Social media is perhaps one of the most notable pillars of popular culture. I use the term “notable” very loosely because, I not sure if it fits, but it does speak to the prevalence of social media in our everyday lives. I guess what I’m trying to say is,……..I think all of you would agree that the subject of “social media” will be studied extensively in universities across the world as part of an effort to understand the dynamics of the times in which we live. I also agree it would be a great place to start. It is “arguably” the most utilized tool for human interaction in modern society.

 Social media, although there are pros and cons, provides a forum for global communication and exposure. It can also provide a safe place to keep memories. Well….I won’t say it’s safe, I’ll just say it’s a place to store photos. After all, they can be taken and used by people you do not know, for god know’s what, without your knowledge, but never mind that. Not sharing can be even worse, because there’s a whole world out there you’re denying the opportunity to connect with a being as exceptional and unique as you. Social media is set up perfectly for us, and tech companies work diligently to ensure it remains as accessible and convenient as we need it to be.  God forbid, we not be able to “share” when the moment strikes.

I want to believe that it was created with good intention, but there is no denying that it is a negative person’s dream come true. I’m almost certain that, from conception, the idea of social media was met with criticism and sparked heated debate. On the surface, it seems like the perfect solution for removing boundaries and providing endless opportunities for widespread communication. More importantly, it is disguised as a series of platforms for communication, creative expression and inspiration. However,  although it can be, and is used for all of these things, I’m sure no one with common sense could argue with the fact that it is being (mis)used for much more than that.

It is a playground for negativity-an avenue for sending negative vibes back out into the universe.  People are using the brilliance that is “technology” to develop and perpetuate negative stereotypes and promote negative agendas. I’m all about vibes and this overflow of negative vibes can’t possibly be good for anyone. We are here to work collaboratively-to help one another accomplish what we are in this world to accomplish. This is not to say that we will love everything that everyone does. This simply means, that we were not created to stand in each other’s way. We don’t have the right to sabotage each other’s journeys or to impede on each other’s efforts to inspire.

The comment sections can be so brutal that they are often mentioned in someone’s unfortunate tale of suicide. The most discouraging part is that, people are actually in support of the negativity-not hesitating to add their own perspective. Before you know it, an electric charge of negative energy has gone out into the universe and developed into a full blown tornado. There is an over grown population of people-who don’t fully understand the value of their lives-devoting endless amounts of time to bullying, fronting, discrediting people’s creativity and killing people’s spirits and gaining a great deal of satisfaction in doing so.  The way I see it, they’re creating alliances based on a common set of insecurities- and creating a new industry for those who can capitalize off of it. I feel a bit sad for those who have been thrust into the web of celebrity-they are given fame and wealth in exchange for “bearing the brunt” of the world’s massive web of contradicting insecurities and unhappy lives.

But, what if everyone was either sitting in or in active pursuit of our purpose. We would all feel at peace and there would be no negative agendas floating around on social media and  “the blog sites”. When you’re happy……I mean truly happy…….negativity doesn’t find comfort in your spirit. There is no desire to troll social media sites in search of a vibe to kill. You just do you and respect other peoples’ right to do them. If you happen to see a post that you’re not feeling, you aren’t required to share your thoughts, nor are they welcomed. It just means that someone is sharing what they were compelled to share with whoever stands to gain something positive from it. That’s all. You have the freedom to find your source(s) of inspiration-those things that make you feel good inside.

The devil is the combination of all of the things that keep us from fulfilling our purpose and social media is the devil at its finest. Not for all, but for those who use it with ill intent. Yes, freedom of speech is a right, but just be sure that all of the negativity doesn’t stem from unresolved personal issues that you’re too damaged to face head on. It’s especially sad when you find yourself seeking it out. I mean really, what other explanation can one offer for  “following” something that brings you to a point of being consumed by negativity and you can’t stop yourself from typing that awful comment about someone who has nothing to do with you. Oftentimes they aren’t even aware of your existence, yet the audacity of them to be who they are, in a space that was created for them to do just that, strikes a nerve with you. 

Be careful not to transmit negative feelings about yourself and the things you’re lacking onto someone else’s right be who they are in their space. Everything and everyone is not going to be to your “cup of tea”-that’s kind of how the world works. We’re all different, but we all have something beautiful and relevant to offer. If it’s not your “thing”, keep strolling and use your energy to find something that is. 

Now…….back to Instagram. Hey…….the universe needs all of the positive energy we can get!





It is important to think about the “why” in action. Many factors play into our beliefs, behavior, life choices and the paths we take. We are all different-we have different experiences-been exposed to different things. So, it is inevitable that our perspective-the way in which we “frame” things be different. Differences can be great tools for interpersonal relations, but not without respect.

There is something special about the collaborative process. Not only does it provide a forum for mutual encouragement, it affords the opportunity to become enlightened-to broaden our horizons-to alter our “frames”. If we begin to think about why we “do what we do”, we might gain a deeper understanding of others. 

Our beliefs, lifestyles and values are for the most part prescribed, literally from the time we are born. If everything else about me were the same (i.e. personality, temperament, race, size, blood type, etc) but I was raised in Germany by german parents, then I would be typing this in German, possibility from an entirely different perspective.  I say this to say that judgement should be replaced with understanding and the acceptance of differences. Of course, we can’t always see things from the other’s perspective, or understand the logic behind their actions,  but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong and we’re right. Respect peoples’ rights to do what they want to do and to be who they are. Respect is the only requirement for peace.



Strive to do something that hasn’t been done before and be sure to leave your footprint on it. When you give the gift of inspiration, there is no limit on your return. A genuine spirit , and “authencity” is all the universe asks of  you.


Who created and defined the word “proper” and how did they come to the conclusion that we should be saying’ “aren’t” instead of “ain’t” or “we’re coming” instead of “we comin’ “? As a matter fact as I am typing this “WordPress” is slowing me down trying to convince me that I must be trying to type the word “win” because “there is no way she’s sayin’ “ain’t”. And….to answer their question: “as a matter of fact I AM. I am sayin’ ain’t because sometimes “aren’t” just doesn’t do it for me-it doesn’t have the same effect that “ain’t” does. So……yes, I got a little twang in my voice, and my grammar can be a bit colorful, but it’s a part of me and I’m dope.

We’ll often find ourselves adjusting our pitch-paying too close attention to the way we say our words. Or..feeling “extra validated” when we sound articulate and smart. When you start thinking about all of the other “bullshit” we have to think about on the daily in every aspect of our lives, then I think you would agree that this is one that falls into the category of “when I get time, I MIGHT work on it but I got more important shit to do.”  

Embrace all of you-your accomplishments are valid-your dreams are valid-your WORK is valid.  The idea of “proper english” is just that. An idea. Society is a concept that we have unconsciously granted control in our lives. Society is made up of people, and it changes from generation to generation. People were awarded the privilege of creating, and developing a set standards that we still reference hundreds, perhaps thousands of years later. 

One of the most unfortunate things you can do is not be you in the presence of someone else who is not being them. The interaction has no meaning, neither of you truly got to “know” one another.  Be authentic.BE AUTHENTIC at all times. 


We are unlike any other group of people-our roots are as varied as our skin tones. We have just a little more bounce in our step-zest in our voice-and color in our character than any group we are compared with. For this reason, we are judged, admired, mimicked,  stereotyped-simply misunderstood. We have to prove ourselves, we are guilty until we prove ourselves innocent. We all bare the burden when one of us “mis-steps”. We have to work harder than everyone else because a different set of standards has been developed especially for us. And God forbid we mess up after we have been deemed one of the “decent” or “exceptional” ones.

We can’t hide, there is no blending in. Even before we speak, there is no mistaking one fact: We are black. This, in and of itself qualifies that our lives are different. Even if not in our own eyes, but always in the eye of the “prejudiced”. We’ve made great progress, fought through unspeakable adversity- protested our way into universities and neighborhoods-into positions of power. But, our shortcomings still seem to shine through a little brighter than our accomplishments. The residue of our ancestors’ reality is all around. We are only as good as our weakest link and our neighborhoods are in turmoil-our children aren’t living long enough to reach their full potential-to fulfill their purpose-to build families. Historically, our families have been the cornerstone of our communities.

It’s apparent that the wounds of our past are just a little deeper than some of us are all willing to let on. Chicago did not become a war zone because people with a fair chance decided not to take advantage of it-New Orleans didn’t become the “murder capital” because a whole population of people said “we don’t want to succeed”-the teen birthrate for african-american teens in Memphis didn’t skyrocket because little black girls decided that they wanted to reduce their chances of achieving success. These things are the residue of the unimaginable pain our people endured not just physically, but psychologically. There is a sense of hopelessness that has been passed down through generations. We are poorer than other races because we weren’t given the same opportunities to acquire wealth. While other races were chasing the “American dream” we were trying to pick up the pieces of endless years of slavery-trying to mentally adjust to freedom. Removing the chains doesn’t grant instant freedom.

This is not to insinuate that all other races were handed a “silver spoon”. It’s just to say that no one gets to determine when “we” should be “over it”. We’re talking about generations of slavery-pain-of being at a social and spiritual disadvantage. It means that we’ve been through a lot -that we’re still carrying the pain of those who came before us-who paved the way or at least tried to. It’s a lot deeper than what the media reports. It is not our intention to perpetuate negative stereotypes. All of us want to do better-to overcome-it’s just that some of us don’t know any better. We must receive spiritual help before we can move forward.

I say “we” because although it can be quite frustrating-we are only as strong as our weakest link. We shouldn’t abandon our neighborhoods-our communities-our people. There is no conquering in division. I know it seems like it’s beyond repair, but I’m sure a slave with your blood flowing through their veins, visions of freedom became clouded or lost in despair at some point. When you submit to hopelessness, you accept defeat. What if they had done the same?