Be sure to hold onto your own standards. When you make adjustments to fit your circumstance, it can jeopardize the vision you have for yourself. No matter where you find yourself in life, never lose your drive and determination-they are all you need to endure the hard lessons in your journey.



It is important to think about the “why” in action. Many factors play into our beliefs, behavior, life choices and the paths we take. We are all different-we have different experiences-been exposed to different things. So, it is inevitable that our perspective-the way in which we “frame” things be different. Differences can be great tools for interpersonal relations, but not without respect.

There is something special about the collaborative process. Not only does it provide a forum for mutual encouragement, it affords the opportunity to become enlightened-to broaden our horizons-to alter our “frames”. If we begin to think about why we “do what we do”, we might gain a deeper understanding of others. 

Our beliefs, lifestyles and values are for the most part prescribed, literally from the time we are born. If everything else about me were the same (i.e. personality, temperament, race, size, blood type, etc) but I was raised in Germany by german parents, then I would be typing this in German, possibility from an entirely different perspective.  I say this to say that judgement should be replaced with understanding and the acceptance of differences. Of course, we can’t always see things from the other’s perspective, or understand the logic behind their actions,  but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong and we’re right. Respect peoples’ rights to do what they want to do and to be who they are. Respect is the only requirement for peace.



Regret is energy wasted. It comes “after” something is already done. It’s natural to ponder the inevitable question of what if I had done things differently”. But, the fact is you didn’t, and what ‘s done is done. Energy is more useful in recovery than in regret. Pick your head up, hold it high and keep it moving


Life is not always “a good time” but what I’ve learned to do is let all of the good in my life consume me. I immerse myself in it to the point where nothing can still my joy-at least for long. This kind of joy does not evolve from material things-those things only bring superficial happiness and artificial joy. I’m talking about the kind of joy that comes out of knowing-accepting-and respecting who you are. When you love yourself, people feed off of that energy. Sometimes they react negatively and sometimes positively, but the beautiful thing is that, no matter how they react, it has no real effect on you. Unfortunately, there are people who can’t handle being around “happiness”-who can’t handle the transition of you coming into who you are-it somehow makes them feel “a way” -they are “affected” by it. These people have no place in your circle-no place in your life. They exude negative energy-an energy that is fostered by their own personal shortcomings and insecurities. Some of these “issues” might not even be their fault-maybe their upbringing or a tragedy brought it on them. But, one thing is for certain…..it is definitely not your “issue”. In this world we live in, we have to be our own source of joy. Work hard to create a life that you are happy with-become the person you want to be- and remember not to consider any “standards” except your own. People can only “judge” a person to whom their opinion matters.



My stepfather used to always say “life’s not hard-we just make hard choices”. That didn’t resonate with me in my younger years, but as I’m getting older-cruising through my thirties-it makes perfect sense. We all have choices and its super important that we tune into ourselves. Let your instincts lead you. Remember……just because it’s polite to “hear”  the opinions of others, doesn’t mean you have to “listen”. Only you know what’s best for you. Your choices should reflect that. People will offer all of the advice in the world. Some good.Some bad.Some irrelevant. Sometimes it’s from a higher power and that person is just the vehicle being used to relay it to you in a way that you are able to receive it. But don’t be fooled, everyone giving advice doesn’t have good intentions.