It’s not so much about regret-wisdom is most important, although I have to say that remorse is an essential part of the equation.




The majority of us have the innate ability to reflect, and sometimes our pasts haunt us. This is especially true when we don’t readily accept its lessons. God takes us through different storms-disquising them as “good times” and purposefully doesn’t reveal that they are “tests” in hopes that we become better people. When we fight our way through the storm, the next step is reflection-regret has no rightful place in your journey. Learn courtesy of your mistakes and hold yourself accountable. Remember, even your past has a purpose. 


Regret is energy wasted. It comes “after” something is already done. It’s natural to ponder the inevitable question of what if I had done things differently”. But, the fact is you didn’t, and what ‘s done is done. Energy is more useful in recovery than in regret. Pick your head up, hold it high and keep it moving


We all have our own brand of “crazy”. Those little things about us that seem a little “off” to others but that are completely normal to us. “Crazy” has its place in all of our lives. Obsession is critical to success-zoning out can get the “extra” you didn’t know you had. Sometimes we’re crazy in love, but by whose standards are we judging?