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Another Super Bowl has come and gone and the Philadelphia Eagles emerge as champions of the season. Another event for us to choose sides and root for our team. Although most people aren’t fully invested because their team  either didn’t make the playoffs, have been eliminated, or in my case don’t really have a team,. As for me, I  like Tom Brady. Most of the reasons I like him have nothing to do with the sport, but it is dope that he just so happens to be the best at what he does. And the way Gisele gets into the game, makes me want him to win for her.

I think it’s pretty interesting that even people who weren’t fully invested in the game had one thing in common; they all wanted to beat Brady.  It sort of reminds me of how people are with Kobe. But anyways, I don’t really like football, It  makes me nervous and I feel bad for the guys who get injured, especially the one who got the snot smacked out him in yesterday’s game. I personally don’t think he had to hit him that hard, but I guess he was  a big part of their offense. It was fun while it lasted (the game was exciting) , but I wanted Brady to win-he walked into the stadium looking like a million bucks and lost the game, but although he said it sucks, at least he already has five rings and at this point regardless of what happens on the field, he’s is still Tom Brady .

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on winning their first Super Bowl! I know a lot of people realized a big dream yesterday-one they’ve put in a lot of work for and there’s nothing better than that. I love to see dreams come true.