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Got myself a big handsome boy who happens to be a pretty good hooper with a whole lot of style. This is his third Style and Basketball shoot-one of my favorite things to do with him. Just another way to create memories that will last a lifetime while instilling confidence. I just love this boy to pieces, but of course everyone knows that already!



The problem is  that everyone wants to be the source of inspiration instead of the person being inspired. The way I see it, we all have something beautiful to offer and your time will come. It’s not all about you….the universe has space for all of us.


Self love and acceptance are critical in the pursuit of  “authentic”  happiness. Not one single detail of who you are is a mistake-it’s just that your journey is one that only you have the power to endure.


It takes courage to stand in your truth. Be AUTHENTIC. No matter how “ugly” it is, your truth can set you free. Remember, you are on this journey for a reason. Be a LIGHT.


It’s easy to smile when everything is good. It’s when you become able to smile in the midst in the storm that your spirit is awakened. This is not to say that hard times don’t hurt or  make us feel “a way”. It’s only to encourage you to keep your mind on the rainbow that will follow. If you succumb to your circumstance, you won’t get to experience the joy in overcoming.