Be sure to hold onto your own standards. When you make adjustments to fit your circumstance, it can jeopardize the vision you have for yourself. No matter where you find yourself in life, never lose your drive and determination-they are all you need to endure the hard lessons in your journey.



Don’t neglect your dreams for convenience. You will endure hard times-just keep going-slow motion is better than no motion. Accomplishments are accomplishments no matter how long it takes.


There will be times when everything around you is sending signals that make it harder and harder to hold on to your dreams. You give power to circumstance, and find yourself farther and farther away from your vision. Before you know it, your goals have slipped down to the tips of your fingers. The beauty in this struggle is that, they are still very much in reach. Be steadfast-immovable-always abide by the vision you have for your life.


Nothing is worth not being yourself.  It is super important to be mindful of the sacrifices you make. This is critical to getting to your purpose. Too many sacrifices leaves room for resentment.


It’s easy to smile when everything is good. It’s when you become able to smile in the midst in the storm that your spirit is awakened. This is not to say that hard times don’t hurt or  make us feel “a way”. It’s only to encourage you to keep your mind on the rainbow that will follow. If you succumb to your circumstance, you won’t get to experience the joy in overcoming.