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Love hard-pray hard-be proactive.



There is no greater feeling than confidence when you “believe” you can back it up.


Everything happens in just the right timing. Slow down-relax-and go with the flow. Our destiny is a masterpiece created by a higher power. I highly doubt that our level of appreciation would be the same without the journey. 


Strive to do something that hasn’t been done before and be sure to leave your footprint on it. When you give the gift of inspiration, there is no limit on your return. A genuine spirit , and “authencity” is all the universe asks of  you.


It is okay to admit when you’ve been inspired. Just because you don’t give credit where credit is due doesn’t negate the fact that you have, in fact been inspired.


One of the greatest, and perhaps, most sought after privileges to humanity is speaking into a listening ear, that wants nothing more than to hear what you have to say in that moment.


Be patient with yourself-you’re doing the best you can. Life has a way of catching us off guard. It seems as though the moment we conquer one obstacle, there is another one evolving. Experiencing “low” points is inevitable-we all fall on “hard” times whether it be emotionally, financially, spiritually, socially-sometimes things don’t pan out the way we hope. This is why it’s important to be in tune with ourselves. When life comes at you sideways, your inner peace can help you feel your way through. I’ve never heard of a life without challenges, but contrary to popular belief-you have the power to create peace in your life. A peace that cannot be diluted by the “ugly” in this world.

If we never have to overcome-how will we measure our strength? Experiences-both good and bad, provide us with an opportunity to acquire wisdom and to challenge ourselves. I speak of strength, not with regard to physicality, but to our mentality, spirituality, character-the things that really matter. I know sometimes it feels like the whole world is moving and you’re standing still, but approach these “moments of stillness” as an opportunities to tune in-to get to know yourself-to plan your next move. “Stillness” is a critical yet often overlooked element in progress.