It’s not so much about regret-wisdom is most important, although I have to say that remorse is an essential part of the equation.




The majority of us have the innate ability to reflect, and sometimes our pasts haunt us. This is especially true when we don’t readily accept its lessons. God takes us through different storms-disquising them as “good times” and purposefully doesn’t reveal that they are “tests” in hopes that we become better people. When we fight our way through the storm, the next step is reflection-regret has no rightful place in your journey. Learn courtesy of your mistakes and hold yourself accountable. Remember, even your past has a purpose. 


Create your lane outside of the box, there is more room to maneuver. Most people are comfortable inside and you don’t have to worry too much about them veering over, because you now fall into the category of “weird”. 


It’s perfectly fine to experience life the way that fits you best. In fact, I highly encourage it. It must suck to get to the end of your life and have all of your reflections add up to a bunch of “bullshit” that somebody else thought you should’ve given a fuck about. Life is to be lived-mistakes are inevitable. Trust your instincts-be you-do you. Even if you get it wrong, it feels a hell of a lot better when the consequences are rightfully yours.