It’s easy to smile when everything is good. It’s when you become able to smile in the midst in the storm that your spirit is awakened. This is not to say that hard times don’t hurt or  make us feel “a way”. It’s only to encourage you to keep your mind on the rainbow that will follow. If you succumb to your circumstance, you won’t get to experience the joy in overcoming.



The majority of us have the innate ability to reflect, and sometimes our pasts haunt us. This is especially true when we don’t readily accept its lessons. God takes us through different storms-disquising them as “good times” and purposefully doesn’t reveal that they are “tests” in hopes that we become better people. When we fight our way through the storm, the next step is reflection-regret has no rightful place in your journey. Learn courtesy of your mistakes and hold yourself accountable. Remember, even your past has a purpose. 


We all have journeys and no two journeys are the same. We sometimes get caught up in comparing our experiences with the experiences of others. Yes we all experience death, heartache, and a host of other things, but we don’t “experience” them the same. We’re all wired differently, so we don’t get to determine what another person’s response/reaction should be to whatever is going on in their lives. Too many people have judgmental spirits and the bottom line is…”that’s not cool”. Let people live their lives and you go ahead and live yours. The next time you find yourself speaking about someone in a negative light, especially in regards to things that have nothing to do with you. Think really hard. Trust me you’ll find more valuable use for that time. I’ve never met anyone with a perfect life and even perfection requires maintenance.



My style is my little space in the world to tune it all out and exist in my own element. It’s my vibe; my reaction to what’s going on now;an ode to those things that have inspired me;my most essential “coping skill”. It’s been the most exciting journey of all, at least in the realm of creativity. The best part is that it never ends. The funny thing is that, there are bumps in the road but, when it’s all said and done…..I’ll always march to the beat of my own style…………..it’s one of my most prized creations.