Create your lane outside of the box, there is more room to maneuver. Most people are comfortable inside and you don’t have to worry too much about them veering over, because you now fall into the category of “weird”. 



My style is my little space in the world to tune it all out and exist in my own element. It’s my vibe; my reaction to what’s going on now;an ode to those things that have inspired me;my most essential “coping skill”. It’s been the most exciting journey of all, at least in the realm of creativity. The best part is that it never ends. The funny thing is that, there are bumps in the road but, when it’s all said and done…..I’ll always march to the beat of my own style…………’s one of my most prized creations.


Style has provided a forum for my life lessons, inspiration and sense of self to speak to the world. These words from the mind of a self professed “style head”. It is inherit. And in it’s purest form, cannot be done exactly the same by another. My style has a unique way of connecting to my experiences, hence why it is in a constant state of evolution. It is intricately tied to who I am.