Strive to do something that hasn’t been done before and be sure to leave your footprint on it. When you give the gift of inspiration, there is no limit on your return. A genuine spirit , and “authencity” is all the universe asks of  you.


The greatest challenge in embarking on a journey into creativity is the fear of being critiqued. Which is funny because “creativity” is validated through the process of critiquing. Fear is not a friend-it’s a hinderance-it keeps you from reaching the stars-from getting to the place the universe expects you to go. What good is creativity if it is hidden? Creativity is Inspiration. 


Art is most impactful when it evolves from an organic space. Art and Negativity should never co-exist. Negativity negates art. Seek art that inspires and uplifts. There is a reason why rainbows are so bright. I think the rainbow is God’s soul.