Not all situations deserve energy. Sometimes people are content in a state of negativity-they thrive in it and have no desire to see the light.



We all have our own brand of “crazy”. Those little things about us that seem a little “off” to others but that are completely normal to us. “Crazy” has its place in all of our lives. Obsession is critical to success-zoning out can get the “extra” you didn’t know you had. Sometimes we’re crazy in love, but by whose standards are we judging?


The “devil” has an agenda and that is to prevent us from getting all of those things we so desperately need to  “spiritually survive” in the world. “It” works diligently at deception-and if we’re not careful it can lead us to put all of our energy into the wrong things-things with no substance-material things. Don’t get me wrong-I love “stuff”-I’m a self professed “style head” but I am not defined by anything that I have-it’s doesn’t take precedence over my values-my character-my relationships. I’m conscious of the fact that my spirit won’t take any of it when it leaves this body.