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It’s important for us all individually to be a positive influence in our own lives. I believe God gives us life under the condition that we acquire wisdom and commit to becoming a source of positive energy.It’s a good thing he’s a merciful God.



Life takes us all through so many changes-puts us in situations that develop into both good and bad experiences. It’s not always good but sometimes it’s great. One thing’s for sure -if you do it right-it’s sure to be one hell of hell of a ride.


Meditation has been a great tool for me. As I transition into another phase of life, I’m learning to tune out others and their thoughts about me-how I live-decisions I make-the way I move . I’ve always been a relatively quiet person, especially in the presence of those I don’t know well, but one thing that has worked in my favor is that I am very observant-I can easily read vibes-even from afar. But, being observant and not acting according to what my instincts tell me has cost me a great deal.

The world is filled with people who do wrong and for as long as they suffer no consequences for their wrongdoing, will continue to frolic through life without a care in the world. A higher power says to forgive-but I don’t believe this forgiveness means to compromise the good in your life. 

People will oftentimes attempt to guilt you out of realizing and accepting things for what they are-seeing them for who they are. REMEMBER-their corrupted values reinforce the idea that it is okay to attempt to associate with a person that they won’t think twice about speaking negatively about without warrant, especially if they can expect to gain from that association. The reality is………negative people seek out negativity-they thirst for it. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own lives, so the level of peace we find is up to us. If I am able to justify the way I choose to deal with people-or not-I am at peace with that. Wisdom is having the discernment to see beyond what people show on the surface.

I’m not perfect-but I’m solid. Be mindful of the energy you allow to cultivate in your space. I’ve had to cut ties with people who I’ve been aware for some time, don’t have the best intentions-who only bring negative energy-who can’t seem to find any little bit of happiness-who constantly peek in on what everyone else is doing in hopes that they might benefit. My life is good- I have many things to be grateful for. Yes, I’ve endured tragedy and experienced some of this world’s evil and cruelty, but I’ve mastered the art of “counting my blessings”. I am right where I’m supposed to be in this moment-with all of those who cherish this moment as much as I do. Life is about being happy and only you can determine what your happy is. People will talk as long as there is misery, so my new philosophy is deeply rooted in the art of  “fuck’em. I’m Me for a reason.


Life is about learning. My mama used to say “ain’t nothin’ worse than an old fool”. As we journey through life-it is inevitable that we stumble on bumps in the road. I think it’s God’s way of showing us what we’re made of-it’s the only explanation. It is those of us who endure trials and refuse to give up in the face of adversity who receive the blessing of realizing our purpose. 

Life is about doing what you are meant to do-being who you were meant to be.