Thanks so much for visiting “The Me Blog”, A space created especially for ME to connect with YOU. I decided to launch this blog because I want to be a “light” to the world and people are kind of feeling my  spirit and my style.  I love STYLE and FASHION-I would say I’m obsessed with it and my FAMILY gives me life-the opportunity to say “just what someone needed to hear” isn’t too bad either.  I would say that I could be labeled “eclectic” and there aren’t many who would disagree with that. In 2014  me and my husband founded “Hustle Habit” and in that found the perfect fit for me in fashion. I hope you find my content interesting, insightful, entertaining, helpful and stylish. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing what I was meant to do.

Keep your eyes and ears open to Hustle Habit  too-it’s only the brand with the dope pieces and the lifestyle to match.I do style too- how cool would it be for you to say #ChenaStyledMe


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