I like to think of life as a series of episodes, filled with situations that provide us with insight and opportunities to obtain wisdom. Not every scene will be ideal-we may not always be shown in our best light-we almost certainly won’t love or even like all of our cast mates, but the peace comes in learning how not to become consumed with it.

People enter our lives-personally, professionally, socially and sometimes their interactions are only intended to last for a season. Their purpose in our lives is to be a lesson-a source of wisdom-a tool to sharpen our discernment. Tune into your experiences-they might reveal something critical about your journey-there might be directions on what step to take next-a clue for that important decision you don’t see coming.

Perhaps more importantly, disregard people’s judgement of you. Be a person of good intent-good character-follow your instincts and keep anything and anyone not in alignment with your vision out of your mind and space.


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