Style has provided a forum for my life lessons, inspiration and sense of self to speak to the world. These words from the mind of a self professed “style head”. It is inherit. And in it’s purest form, cannot be done exactly the same by another. My style has a unique way of connecting to my experiences, hence why it is in a constant state of evolution. It is intricately tied to who I am.



Look at it this way……..You’re alive.You’re breathing. Why not make the best of it. Block out all of the negative things that you can’t change and focus on all of the positive in life. If not for anyone else-FOR YOU. Trust me. Life is a lot easier to live when you think positively.


My stepfather used to always say “life’s not hard-we just make hard choices”. That didn’t resonate with me in my younger years, but as I’m getting older-cruising through my thirties-it makes perfect sense. We all have choices and its super important that we tune into ourselves. Let your instincts lead you. Remember……just because it’s polite to “hear”  the opinions of others, doesn’t mean you have to “listen”. Only you know what’s best for you. Your choices should reflect that. People will offer all of the advice in the world. Some good.Some bad.Some irrelevant. Sometimes it’s from a higher power and that person is just the vehicle being used to relay it to you in a way that you are able to receive it. But don’t be fooled, everyone giving advice doesn’t have good intentions.


One thing about people is that……they know when they’re wrong. They get the same feeling you get when you know you’re not doing right. It isn’t even always necessary to let them know that you know. I say this to say……don’t get caught up in trying to get people to admit their wrongdoing-that takes character and unfortunately not everyone has good character. They’ll talk in circles-try to make you feel bad for holding your ground, but life is about finding peace and being happy. As long as you know why you don’t fuck with certain people and you’re at peace with that…….fuck’em. That’s my philosophy……I got a life to live and I know my heart is good.