If you’re a person who loves to gossip about the shortcomings of others-dislikes people you don’t even know-always finds the negative in any situation-who’d rather dwell in your own pity instead of seeking out solutions…….then you qualify as a negative person, and when you’re a negative person, you exude negative energy. We all get caught in negative emotions and behavior at some point in our lives, although there may be some exceptions, (I’m not one of them) but with age and experience comes wisdom. So, when you reach a certain age-you must accept some accountability.

“Talking about” others won’t change anything in your life. It won’t make it better. The best approach is to exercise our innate right to agency in our own lives. We all have the capacity to make choices. Through my experiences, I found that the best choice I could make for myself is to think positive thoughts. I made it a habit-and it helped me to get rid of all of the negative shit that was adding nothing to my life. 

With this choice came lost friendships, altered relationships with family and a circle that is unimaginably small. But, more importantly, it took my level of peace and happiness to new heights. In this crazy world, it’s super important to seek out positivity and to pour that energy back out into the world. Start evaluating your relationships-pay close attention to your conversations-the energy you’re allowing to come into your life. Energy is real and it is powerful. Stop being a listening ear to negativity-when you feed it, you allow it to grow. You’ll find that when you stop taking it in, you’ll have less and less to put out.


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