Don’t be afraid to compose your own beat and march to it no matter what. March to it as if there is no other beat. Far too often we get caught up in what everyone else is doing-trying to fit in. Much of this is done out of fear that we will be labeled “weird” or “different”. I used to “impersonate” those people and let me tell you it sucks. When I think about all of the time I spent holding back, afraid of what people would think of my style and the way I move, I kinda get pissed, because being ME is great just as being you is great. We have something special and I believe God gives us gifts on the condition that we put them back out into the universe. I’ve been a little “different” especially with my style for as far back as I can remember and when I finally became completely comfortable in my skin and confident in who I am, life began for me.

Do you. Even when people don’t get it. People who look for influence in everything they do don’t understand the art of “being original” so their opinions don’t matter. Besides they need you to be you. If not. Where else will they find inspiration. 

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