CREATIVITY………The gift and the curse

Creativity is a talent that those who are blessed with–are not quick to notice. I mean, they know it’s something special-they just don’t realize how much of “The SHIT” it makes them. CREATIVITY IS LIFE. When you create- you have to imagine-to see it in your mind. Without imagination-creativity is impossible.

I would say……. that…….”everyone is creative in their own way” or give one of the other “politically correct” responses. But…FUCK THAT. If you’re creative-that means you’re special. The universe relies on you for great moments. Your influence is what people are referring to when they say…..I’m grateful for everything my eyes have seen.”  “Creatives” keep the world turning.Without creativity………… there would be no “favorite designer” “favorite song”, “favorite artist”, I could go on and on, but, I think the word “artist” pretty much sums up who I am talking about.  Recognize your gifts-acquire wisdom. We only have one life to live AND we don’t know when it’s going to end. Just stop and think about that the next time you let somebody’s opinion stop you from doing you.

I just wanna innovate and create.


Be innovative-create your own lane(s). The worst thing YOU can do is get caught up in trying to “beat” someone else on the path that is destined FOR THEM.


I believe we all have pre-determined destinies, but so many of us make decisions that lead us off course. Life isn’t meant to be easy-God has to see us trying to reach the potential he’s reserved for us. Be diligent-be persistent-see things through.


I am committed to the journey of discovering a holistic sense of “who I am” and what nourishes my soul…….what illuminates the light that shines deep in my soul……….I must say it’s been a beautiful journey thus far. When you think about it, everything about life is beautiful, even the “ugly” moments. The journey is about learning-creating memories-growing-evolving.