Life can be shitty, but your spirit doesn’t have to match that energy.



Be authentic in all of your efforts-if you can weather the storms without compromising who you are, you will not lose.


I like to think of life as a series of episodes, filled with situations that provide us with insight and opportunities to obtain wisdom. Not every scene will be ideal-we may not always be shown in our best light-we almost certainly won’t love or even like all of our cast mates, but the peace comes in learning how not to become consumed with it.

People enter our lives-personally, professionally, socially and sometimes their interactions are only intended to last for a season. Their purpose in our lives is to be a lesson-a source of wisdom-a tool to sharpen our discernment. Tune into your experiences-they might reveal something critical about your journey-there might be directions on what step to take next-a clue for that important decision you don’t see coming.

Perhaps more importantly, disregard people’s judgement of you. Be a person of good intent-good character-follow your instincts and keep anything and anyone not in alignment with your vision out of your mind and space.


It’s important to remain steadfast and committed to your process in your peaks as well as your valleys. No journey is without shortcomings and obstacles are inevitable-it is only when you quit that you lose.


If it’s not your thing, don’t give it your energy. We all have gifts and they are given under the condition that we inspire those who stand to gain from them. The time you spend  shitting on other’s peoples purpose is time you should be devoting to uncovering yours. There should always be respect, even in the absence of love.


The problem is  that everyone wants to be the source of inspiration instead of the person being inspired. The way I see it, we all have something beautiful to offer and your time will come. It’s not all about you….the universe has space for all of us.